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Karuna Cayton

Psychotherapist Karuna Cayton is the founder of the Karuna Group, a practice in Soquel, California, dedicated to applying Buddhist psychology's universal principles to transform mental well-being and improve organizational cultures. Cayton spent thirteen years in a Buddhist monastery in Nepal. Now, Cayton’s clients include top executives from firms like Aruba Networks, 3Com, Martin Land Company, and OnStor. His work with Dominic Orr, CEO of Aruba Networks, was featured in the November 2007 issue of Fortune. In addition, Cayton is an active participant in the global Buddhist community, serving as a member of the board and sanctioned teacher of the FPMT, a large Buddhist organization with over 130 centers worldwide. His website is

Exploring the Misleading Mind

According to the ancient and time-tested theories of Buddhist psychology, we have an inalienable right to be happy. Yet we have very little understanding of what actually makes us happy.  We look for happiness in all the wrong places — outside of our own...

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Falling in Love with Love: An Excerpt from The Misleading Mind

In modern culture, romantic love is often presented as essential for creating a meaningful, satisfying life. Movies, books, and media exalt and cherish “falling in love” as a kind of miracle of happiness. As the fairytale goes, if we can only “find our soul mate,” then...

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