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Simple Steps to Explore Your Feelings and Heal Your Consciousness

In the tradition of such successful books on creativity as Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and The Artist's Way, artist and teacher Heather Williams presents a step-by-step approach to personal development — and artistic satisfaction. Many people — including Heather Williams — were never encouraged to embrace their creative side, and this shutting down of part of their inner life can create conflict. This book is an invitation into each person's creative instincts and is designed to lead gently toward developing both artistic and spiritual qualities.

The book is divided into three sections: Pencils & Perception (observing and drawing what you see in the physical world); Crayons & Consciousness (drawing the interior landscape of memories, emotions, dreams, and patterns); and Ink & Intuition (drawing on the intuitive wisdom within yourself). This book is not intended to make everyone a commercial artist, but it will help readers to see and be in their world more fully.


“Williams combines her natural teaching abilities (she's a California high school instructor) with a lifetime devoted to art in this encouraging guide. Readers are urged to find sanctity in their drawing. Many exercises explore expressing feelings by drawing with the non-dominant, less intellectual hand. Williams emphasizes . . . that readers should be patient and gentle with themselves during their artistic explorations, and she reminds all-thumbs aspirants that ‘there's nothing wrong with stick figures.’ ”
— Library Journal