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Divine Guidance for Personal Healing & Spiritual Discovery — A Book & Divination Deck

This lavish deck of divination cards and the accompanying book offer tools and support to tap into the wisdom of the Divine. The symbolism and beauty of flowers — the angelic messengers — show you how to find strength within when times feel unrelentingly fierce and uncertain. The book contains details about using the forty-six cards, as well as a description of each card's message. By intuitively selecting cards, you give the angels — as well as your own soul — the means to address the concerns and issues in your life.

For each card you draw, you'll receive guidance on:

  • The Present Challenge that is calling for resolution

  • The Angelic Message meant to expand your understanding of the situation

  • The Spiritual Opportunity for growth and healing

  • The Application of specific ways you can work with the guidance offered
  • Endorsements