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A New Approach to Love, Relationships, and Auras

Whether you’re seeking a new romantic relationship or hoping to improve an existing one, knowing your own qualities and desires is the first step. Love Colors offers a fresh, powerful approach to better understand yourself and then create your ideal partnership. In her earlier book, Life Colors, psychic consultant Pamala Oslie explained that auras — the field of energy that surrounds each of us — contain important clues to our personalities and reveal the ways we relate to the world. In this book, she takes that understanding of auras one step further to help you find — and keep — your perfect mate.

In Love Colors, you’ll discover:

    • your personal love colors through a detailed personality quiz
    • the love colors you’re most compatible with
    • tips for finding, recognizing, and attracting your ideal partner
    • ways to move past your fears and open yourself up to love
    • advice on maintaining balance and harmony in your relationship
With Pamala’s insights and advice, you’ll gain invaluable self-knowledge and have new tools to create fulfilling, lasting love.


“Relationships are like movies — once you have the story, it’s all in the casting. If you want your story to be a happy one, get your own act together first, and then find the right costar. This book is the place to start!”
Jeff Arch, Academy Award–nominated screenwriter of Sleepless in Seattle

“I’m amazed at Pamala’s accuracy and insightfulness. The information she has on the aura colors can profoundly impact people — and I’ve seen it happen.”
Anthony Edwards, Golden Globe Award–winning actor