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America's Water Crisis (and What You Can Do)

Water. We can’t live without it. Not a Drop to Drink sounds the alarm, detailing the current state of emergency facing the U.S. water supply. From the parched High Plains to corporate boardrooms, Ken Midkiff explores water wars, privatization, American agriculture, and global warming. And what we can do to get a glass of water.

“An insightful analysis of the oncoming water crisis, this book deserves attention from environmentalists and developers, as well as citizens concerned about both protecting and using our water resources.”
— Bruce Babbitt, former governor of Arizona and secretary of the interior for the Clinton Administration

“In the spirit of Marc Reisner’s classic Cadillac Desert, Ken Midkiff writes brilliantly of threats more certain than terrorist attacks and every bit as devastating. This book makes you think about what your children will drink.”
— Bill Lambrecht, author of Dinner at the New Gene Café

“Midkiff discusses how we can implement rational water policy in the West that services America’s citizens rather than the greedy powerful few and that creates an example for the democratic use of public trust resources worldwide.”
— from the foreword by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

“At last there is a book that gives us the ‘nuts and bolts’ of rivers and water issues. Ken Midkiff’s compelling chapter on the Colorado and Rio Grande rivers is the most accurate description of the problems facing western water today.”
— Richard Ingebretsen, MD, PhD, president, Glen Canyon Institute