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Your Essential Shopping Guide for a Better, Kinder, Healthier World

Sure, there are people who chain themselves to old-growth trees, raise their one child diaper-free, and make their own soap. The Virtuous Consumer is for the rest of us, struggling to make choices that are better for the planet — and for us. Leslie Garrett has created a comprehensive reference guide that — like a smart, funny, and eco-conscious friend — will steer you toward ethical purchases for everything from lipstick to cars, kids' toys to a new mattress. The Virtuous Consumer is your key to shopping consciously and creating a simpler, greener lifestyle.


"The right book at the right time! Garrett's accessible and informative book is a road map for how we can use our power as shoppers and citizens to shape a better future for the planet and our children."
— Stacy Malkan, Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

"A guide for the green, and the green at heart....Enjoyable and non-guilt-inducing, this book helps us protect the planet by separating the hydrocarbons from the hydrogenated fats."
— Dan Becker, Sierra Club's Global Warming Program

"Leslie Garrett brings consumer choice to the table with a pragmatic, light heart in The Virtuous Consumer. In a time when consumerism and lifestyle have a momentous impact on our planet and in our homes, this book offers information, options, and solutions for shaping change."
— Renée Loux, author of The Balanced Plate, celebrity chef, and TV personality