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Entries for April 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011
The Four Purposes of Life
By Samy AbulEla

In his first work of new teachings in twelve years, beloved teacher Dan Millman offers hope for anyone seeking answers to life’s fundamental questions.



personal growth, Dan Millman
Wednesday, April 20, 2011
Expand This Moment
By Samy AbulEla

In his new book, John Selby offers a new way to quiet your mind, brighten your mood, and set yourself free.



personal growth, spirituality, meditation
Thursday, April 14, 2011
Six Reasons to Expand Your Compassion Footprint
By Marc Bekoff

Our relationships with nonhuman animals are complicated, frustrating, ambiguous, and paradoxical. When people tell me that they love animals and then harm or kill them, I tell them I’m glad they don’t love me. We observe animals, gawk at them in wonder, experiment on them, eat them, wear them, write about them, draw and paint them, move them from here to there as we “redecorate nature.”

People are starting to pay attention to their carbon footprint — how their lifestyle choices tread on the earth. We need to also pay attention to our compassion footprint. In their own ways, animals are constantly asking us to treat them better or leave them alone, and they’re fully justified in making this request. If they could put the request into words, what might their manifesto look like?


nature & the environment, animals
Tuesday, April 05, 2011
As You Think by James Allen — A Book That Changed My Life
By Marc Allen

As You Think, originally titled As a Man Thinketh, was written in 1904. I spent years reading and pondering the words in this little book, and during those years I went from poverty to abundance. For about two decades, I said it was the best book I’d ever read. I put several passages from the book, including the opening poem and the other poem in it, in big letters on my wall. These phrases, repeated hundreds of times, became imprinted in my mind, and to this day they spring to mind on occasion. They are powerful, life-changing passages.


personal growth, Marc Allen