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Friday, November 30, 2012
Book Giveaway - THE LAST FRONTIER by Julia Assante, PhD

Knowledge of the afterlife can trigger dazzling transformations in body, mind, and spirit. It unleashes our authentic selves, radically resets our values, and deepens our sense of life purpose. From it we discover that the real nature of the universe is the very essence of benevolence. In this comprehensive work, Julia Assante probes what happens when we die, approaching with scholarly precision historical and religious accounts, near-death experiences, and after-death communication. She then presents convincing evidence of discarnate existence and communication with the dead and offers practical ways to make contact with departed loved ones to heal and overcome guilt, fear, and grief.

Julia Assante, PhD, is both a mystic and a scholar. She has been a professional intuitive, medium, and past-life therapist for over four decades, offering workshops throughout the United States and Europe. Her accuracy in telepathy has been clinically tested at Columbia University. As a scholar, she has taught at Columbia, Bryn Mawr, and the University of Münster (Germany) and given talks at universities worldwide.

For a chance to win a copy of THE LAST FRONTIER, leave a comment below that describes a near-death experience or after-death communication that you have experienced. Be sure to adjust your settings so we can see your email address or leave it in the comments section. Good luck!