Divine Messengers of Comfort
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Cat lovers, your secret is out. Now everyone will know why you’re crazy over cats!

Read true stories about a feline friend helping a man get his “purr” back, a cat miraculously protecting and comforting a young girl during the Holocaust, a mother-daughter cat team serving as a woman’s heart specialists, sister cats coaxing a major league baseball player through a losing season, and a cat named Cuddles who writes her own advice column. Angel Cats proves that cats are as compassionate as they are curious.


“This enlightening book will make you take many a close look at your ‘angel.’”
— Tippi Hedren, actress and animal activist

“As a believer and one who lives the message, my heart was touched by Angel Cats. I have long realized that it is not an accident that three-quarters of our lifeline is feline. So read, laugh, cry, and become a more complete human being through the angel cats and the lifeline they provide.”
— Dr. Bernie Siegel, author of 365 Prescriptions for the Soul and Love, Medicine & Miracles

“In Angel Cats, it is not the ‘fog’ but the ‘love’ that comes in on little cat feet. What a delightful collection of stories! There are stories here that warm the heart and that set the soul to pondering: hmm, are those wings I see in dreamlike wisps coming off of my cat’s shoulders? After you finish these stories, you won’t have to wonder anymore — you’ll be convinced. Thank you, thank you, Allen and Linda, for continuing to remind us of our spirit connection to animals.”
— Susan Chernak McElroy, author of All My Relations and Animals As Teachers and Healers

“The Andersons have captured with warmth and love the majesty of cats through stories of the familiar and the extraordinary.”
— Jennifer Conrad, DVM, director and founder of the Paw Project