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New World Library Unshelved

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Thursday, October 25, 2018
“It’s Not Fear, It’s Sensation”: An excerpt from STEP INTO YOUR MOXIE by Alexia Vernon
By Publicity Admin

The word moxie has become synonymous with vigor, verve, pep, courage, nerve, aggressiveness, skill, and know-how. To celebrate the concept, the new book Step into Your Moxie: Amplify Your Voice, Visibility, and Influence in the World by speaking and leadership coach Alexia Vernon presents a soul-stirring call to action for women to speak up for themselves and the ideas and issues that matter most to them. We hope you’ll enjoy this excerpt from the book.



women's interest
Thursday, October 18, 2018
"Four Essential Skills Every Child Should Know": An excerpt from THE EMOTIONALLY HEALTHY CHILD by Maureen Healy
By Publicity Admin

The National Institute of Mental Health reports that 25 percent of American children experience anxiety and 14 percent have a mood disorder, and National Public Radio reports that as many as five million public school students have mental-emotional issues such as depression and anxiety. In light of these statistics, award-winning author Maureen Healy’s new book, The Emotionally Healthy Child: Helping Children Calm, Center, and Make Smarter Choices, couldn’t be more perfectly timed.


parenting & education
Thursday, October 11, 2018
An interview with Robert Moss, author of MYSTERIOUS REALITIES
By Publicity Admin

Sigmund Freud called dreams the “royal road to the unconscious,” but to bestselling author and world-renowned dream explorer Robert Moss, they are more: portals to the imaginal realm, a higher reality that exists at the intersection of time and eternity. 

The traveler’s tales in Moss’s new book, Mysterious Realities: A Dream Traveler’s Tales from the Imaginal Realm, are just-so stories in the sense that they spring from direct experience in the many worlds. As you journey from the temple of the Great Goddess at Ephesus to an amazing chance encounter on an airplane, from Dracula country in Transylvania to the astral realm of Luna, you’ll confirm that the doors to the otherworld open from wherever you are. 




Thursday, October 04, 2018
HOW WE LEARN TO BOUNCE BACK: An excerpt from RESILIENCE by Linda Graham, MFT
By Publicity Admin

Everyone knows what it’s like to be knocked off center, to lose their inner sense of balance and groundedness, at least temporarily, when faced with life’s unwanted curveballs. Whether it’s a troubling health diagnosis, the death of a loved one, a serious car accident, a layoff, or a natural disaster, life can intensely challenge our resilience.

In her new book, Resilience: Powerful Practices for Bouncing Back from Disappointment, Difficulty, and Even Disaster, author and psychotherapist Linda Graham, MFT, guides readers step-by-step through a process of cultivating more well-being in their lives by strengthening their resilience so that they can respond skillfully to any upset or catastrophe that might otherwise derail that well-being.


Thursday, September 27, 2018
By Publicity Admin

In The Divorce Hacker’s Guide to Untying the Knot: What Every Woman Needs to Know about Finances, Child Custody, Lawyers, and Planning Ahead, family law attorney Ann Grant presents the practical information every woman needs to protect herself as she navigates through a divorce. Feelings of loss, grief, and rage are common during this time. But one of the most debilitating feelings experienced by women going through divorce is paralyzing impotence. Readers learn how to take back their power and rights concerning finances, home, children, and work life. With compassion, insight, and tough-minded realism, Grant breaks down the divorce process and provides step-by-step assessments and checklists, as well as inspiring stories of successful lives post-divorce. Her goal is to give readers insider information that will not only make their divorce “successful” but also establish their life firmly and confidently on a positive, fresh new standing.


Thursday, September 20, 2018
WELCOMING THE SEASON OF THE WITCH by guest blogger Danielle Dulsky, author of THE HOLY WILD
By Publicity Admin

September’s equinox marks the dawn of our most haunted season, and so begins our subtle longing for hearth fires and cooler winds. Marking the transition from summer to autumn with simple ceremony awakens our ancestral kinship with nature’s rhythms, with that sacred and holy wild to which we belong. Such rituals need not be elaborate events that overburden an already cluttered schedule; quite conversely, our rituals should allow for the quiet, the ethereal, and the spacious to seep into our busy, screen-driven days. Our rituals should enliven our innate wildness by giving it room to move, to dance, and to alchemize all that is stagnant and stuck within those forward-thinking and past-dwelling psyches of ours. 



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