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Thursday, July 28, 2016
MORNING MEDITATION AND PRAYER: An excerpt from THE MAGICAL PATH by New World Library cofounder Marc Allen
Throughout his extraordinary career, New World Library cofounder and publisher Marc Allen has developed simple, powerful tools that anyone can use to find a short path to success and fulfillment. 

In The Magical Path: Creating the Life of Your Dreams and a World That Works for All, he presents a series of simple, powerful tools that anyone can use to find a short, effortless route to success and fulfillment. The book is filled with effective, easy-to-apply practices — including affirmation, visualization, and guided meditation — that can change the course of readers’ lives in miraculous ways. We hope you’ll enjoy this short excerpt, which offers powerful advice for starting your day off right. 

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We have only this moment, now. The past is but a figment of our imagination; the future does not exist. Life is now. (Thank you, Eckhart Tolle, and the Dalai Lama, for reminding us of that so beautifully.)

In this moment, now, we can think only one thought at a time. That thought has creative power, for good or for ill. The more we consciously choose good thoughts in the moment, the more our lives are filled with good. Every thought we have programs our subconscious mind. Every thought has results.

So it’s certainly good to do whatever we can do throughout the day to remind ourselves to program our subconscious with powerful, creative thoughts. 

Morning Meditation and Prayer
Every moment is a magical creation, but there is an especially brilliant, creative energy in the morning. It’s an ideal time for meditation or prayer. Your morning prayer can take many different forms. Use these words as a suggestion only, to help you create your own ritual and prayer.

When we first awaken in the morning, there is a moment when we are still connected to dream worlds, and even a moment when part of us still lingers in that soundless, wordless space of deep sleep. Try to be as aware as possible of your state of being as soon as you wake up. You still have a connection to something vast, far beyond your body.

Lie back for a moment, and relax and recall the deep relaxation you feel physically. Remember and enjoy the deep pleasure of dreamless sleep. 

Then recall any dreams you can. Try to remember the last image of your dream, and work backward, recalling as much as possible. Dreams are powerful, as we all know: They are essential therapy, and so much more as well. Our dreams bring us messages from our vast subconscious mind.

Some of the messages in our dreams
are so powerful that they can guide us
every moment of our waking lives.

This is true for both kinds of dreams we have: the dreams we have when sleeping and the dreams we dare to imagine when we’re awake.

Once you’ve relaxed and remembered your dreams, get up as quietly as possible and go to your favorite place for your morning prayer. It can be outside or inside. It’s best when it’s private and quiet, though it can be done anywhere. (I’ve done versions of it walking down noisy, busy streets in New York and LA.)

Take a deep breath, and relax as you exhale....
Take a deep breath, and as you exhale, let all thoughts go....
Simply be quiet, in the moment....
Feel the energy of the morning....
Hear the sounds....
See what is....
Take a moment to be quiet, peaceful, still....

Whether in a city, in the country, or in between, you are surrounded by the wonders of creation....
Take a moment to address the being or the force that has created the miracles that are all around you....
Summon that being or force to you with your thoughts, or with whispered or spoken words....
Give it/him/her a name. Many call it God; use that if it feels right. Or call it Creator, or Great Spirit, or Great Mystery, or any other name you choose....
For now, we call it Creator....

Summon the Creator to you....
Start with thanks, with gratitude for what is....
Give thanks for the miraculous creation that you are a vital part of....
Thank the Creator for something specific in your life; find something new every day....
You’ve added something to your gratitude list, and you realize the list of things you are grateful for is endless....

Now ask to be guided by the forces of creation throughout the day....
Ask for any particular guidance the Creator has for you this moment....
Be silent, and listen within for whatever words come along....
Let the stillness speak to you....

Ask and you shall receive.

Ask the highest, most powerful forces of creation for guidance, and you will receive it.
So be it. So it is.

Make sure to do some kind of prayer every morning. If you’re in a hurry, you can do it in a very short time — under a minute if necessary. But do something. Make it a habit. Even if you think you have no time at all, take a deep breath, and say something like this:

Thank you for the light and life within me.
Guide me throughout the day.

We all know and sense that the morning is an extraordinary time. The night is turning into day; the light is returning into our lives. Take the energy of that sun and imagine it pouring through your whole body, blessing and healing every cell of your body, nurturing every cell.

In that moment, you are acknowledging the wonder of what is. All life is a miracle. All life is a magical creation. The life and light within you are working miracles in your life, every moment of every day. Affirm something like this:

Every day, in every way,
the light and life within me
are working miracles in my life
and in the world.

In the silence of our morning mind, the words and images we bring to mind can remain with us throughout the day, and lighten our lives.

# # #

Marc Allen is the author of several books, including The Magical Path, Tantra for the West, The Greatest Secret of All, and Visionary Business. He is an internationally renowned seminar leader, entrepreneur, author, and composer. He cofounded New World Library (with Shakti Gawain) and has guided the company, as president and publisher, from a small start-up to its current position as a major player in the independent publishing world. He leads seminars in Northern California and gives teleseminars that reach people all over the world. 

Visit him online at

Excerpted from the book The Magical Path. Copyright © 2012 by Marc Allen.






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