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Tuesday, February 14, 2017
CELEBRATING LOVE AS AN ACTION TODAY by guest blogger Tatiana Jerome, author of LOVE LOST, LOVE FOUND
Of the many things we take for granted these days, one of the most powerful is LOVE. Yup, that four-letter word that many of us only understand a fraction of. It’s because of love that many of us are able to forgive. It’s because of love that many of us even listen to certain individuals. It’s because of love that some of us are willing to open up our hearts and be vulnerable again and again and again. But there comes a time when we easily take love for granted. This can happen when who or what we love is present every day and there is a developed expectation of what love does to make our lives better. When love is missing from our lives, it’s not as easy to get out of bed. Confusion and doubt arise when we feel like we are missing a loved one or when we feel that we are not being loved properly. 

This is because love brings about a sense of confidence and excitement. Being loved properly pushes us to spread our love to others. So it’s time to truly acknowledge love and say thank you. No, I mean really say thank you. Say it: “Thank you.” Thank the ones who love you. Thank the ones who truly think about you and your well-being. Thank the ones who believe in you and support you. Thank your loved one by celebrating them. If you truly love them as they love you, this is the perfect time to say, “I want you to know that you are appreciated.” True love, real love also extends to those who try to hurt us. This is another level of love, because when we really love, we understand that those who try to hurt us are themselves hurting more than we are (whether we see it or not).

So what do we do with this love feeling? How do we celebrate it as an action today? One of the most powerful ways I like to display my love is with a handwritten note — a very simple note to my significant other, a friend, a family member, or most important, myself. This is something I do yearly and at random times in between. Each note details what I love and appreciate about them. These are things they may think go unnoticed. Each note is written with care and accompanied by my favorite scent so the recipient can feel my attention put into it. Since we live in a time when technology has taken over the way we communicate, a handwritten note can make your loved ones feel special as well as describe what they mean to you. 

While I suggest this small but powerful gesture to many, it shouldn’t be your only act of expressing your love toward others as well as yourself. The most powerful act of love you can do on a daily basis to replenish the energy of love is to express your gratitude. Now, I know you’ve heard about this, but have you really done it? Do you do it several times a day, and do you truly mean it? Anyone who feels appreciated naturally continues to act in a loving way, right? When you truly feel loved, you continue to be in a state of gratitude and spread that to others. 

So let’s say you are not in a relationship but truly want to be. Do you express gratitude for where you are right now in your life, or does a sense of desperation and maybe even lost hope live within you? When you take the time daily to express gratitude for the stage of life you are in, for all that you have learned, and for what you have experienced, you then pass that energy of gratitude to others who know how to accept it and give it back. 

Or let’s say you are in a relationship that is going through a rough patch but you still love this person and want it to work. First, extend gratitude toward yourself for recognizing that what you are experiencing is a chance to grow, regardless of the outcome. Next, start recognizing and being thankful for what your partner brings to the table, and start focusing on their strengths rather than their weaknesses. This may be tough, but it’s not impossible when you truly love someone.

It is through gratitude that we truly feel and experience love on a daily basis. Today is just as great as any other day to recognize and appreciate the love that should come from within, the love that holds all our truths and nourishes us whenever we recognize and appreciate it. This love doesn’t need another individual but only requires ourselves to love and blossom as a result of our daily check-ups with ourselves. When we feed ourselves nourishing words of encouragement and appreciation, and combat and heal what we struggle with, we mature in love for ourselves, which in turn helps us reach new levels of love with others. 

Today is your chance at love — today just like any other day. So start now by leaving yourself love notes around the house and spending time with yourself from the inside, feeding yourself thoughts and words of love. Then do this for others. 

# # #

Tatiana Jerome, the author of Love Lost, Love Found: A Woman’s Guide to Letting Go of the Past and Finding New Love, turned her personal experience of healing from a breakup into not just a thriving online presence but a career counseling women and speaking at a variety of organizations. She lives in Florida. Visit her online at






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