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A Guide to Getting Organized for Those Who Love Their Stuff

The Way to a Perpetually Organized Lifestyle

There are many valid approaches to creating neat and tidy spaces, but these approaches tend to fail over time because they suggest that we dispose of our stuff, and most of us love our stuff! Marla Stone’s fresh and friendly approach, based on her work as both a professional organizer and a former psychotherapist, goes beyond tidying up to offer the Clutter Remedy strategy that will create spaces you love and keep you perpetually organized. Marla walks you through a process of getting to know yourself and your values and then visualizing your ideal lifestyle and optimal surroundings. From that perspective, you’ll learn step by step (and room by room) how to create your ideal lifestyle and organize your space to support it.

Author Marla Stone discusses her book THE CLUTTER REMEDY: A Guide to Getting Organized for Those Who Love Their Stuff


“. . . help[s] readers straighten up their lives — physically, psychologically, and emotionally. Rather than focusing solely on de-cluttering guidelines or on uncovering the root causes of all that unorganized stuff, this book looks at both aspects of clutter.”

“Those looking for a deep dive into managing overcollecting and cluttering, as well as changing patterns of thought that lead to such behavior, will be drawn to Stone’s guidance.”
Library Journal

The Clutter Remedy approaches the issue of possessions that overwhelm people’s lives in cohesive and compassionate terms, addressing the root causes of clutter and suggesting holistic methods of emotional healing and behavioral modification. . . . At the core of The Clutter Remedy is a strong message of empowerment: that, while controlling a morass of ever-growing stuff may seem hopeless, all can be managed with effort, focus, and the desire to live an emotionally and spatially healthier life.”

“This is the ultimate road map to stay organized for good and to live a more balanced life.”
— Joseph Bennington, CPA, CFO of Habitat for Humanity of Orange County

“The Clutter Remedy strategies have helped my clients and me stay organized and neat for good . . . . I went from mini-overcollector to organized in days! The help Marla Stone has given my clients has made the sale of their homes quick and painless, and her packing strategy is the best I’ve ever seen.”
— Jeana Keough, original cast member of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Coldwell Banker Realtor, and actress

“With a clear, concise, supportive, and loving teaching style, Marla Stone helps to eliminate old habits of thought, emotion, and behavior, allowing positive new habits to emerge.”
— Evelyn Gray, productivity and stress-management coach and consultant

“Encourages the reader to live more, not just to have less. Starting today.”
— Lee Shuer, creator of WRAP® for Reducing Clutter

Author: Marla Stone
Product Code: 86292
ISBN: 978-1-60868-629-2
Pages: 176
Package: 1 Paperback / softback
Size: 5.50 X 8.50
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