Right Focus, Better Outcome, Greater Well-Being
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Accessible Strategies for New or Well-Established Investors

Jonathan DeYoe invested a small sum in stocks at a young age — and then watched his money grow. Now a financial adviser and longtime meditator, he understands that stress plagues many would-be investors, and he has seen countless people make investment decisions driven by fear and wishful thinking. That mindset leads to costly mistakes, such as chasing “hot” stocks, buying when prices are high and selling when low, and racking up transaction fees and taxes in the process. These mistakes are preventable by cultivating a state of nonjudgmental awareness and practicing mindfulness, which allows investors to see life from a larger perspective and make financial decisions according to their long-term goals. With simple, evidence-based methods that don’t rely on gimmicks or constant portfolio maintenance, Mindful Investing takes away the anxiety to help you reach financial prosperity and personal well-being.


“Regardless of what you think you know about investing and financial advice, when you look at them through a lens of mindfulness, they look different. Clearer. Less charged. Jonathan DeYoe systematically describes the why and how of investing, weaving stories and activities throughout this engaging book. He urges us to invest in our happiness and appreciate the wisdom of being boring investors rather than chasing the next new shiny thing.”
— Mary Martin, PhD, author of Mindfulness for Financial Advisors

Mindful Investing teaches you how to take your emotions out of the investment process and how to be more logical and plan-driven with your financial decision-making. The book is an interesting, easy, and enjoyable read. I highly recommend it.”
— Tom Corley, CPA, CFP, author of the Rich Habits series

“Rediscover the role that money plays — not only in building wealth but, more importantly, in building a life based on purpose and intention. Jonathan DeYoe brilliantly articulates how to connect the dots between our financial habits, emotions, belief systems, needs, and choices — and how these factors influence the very fabric of our financial future. This book is about more than money; it’s about investing in yourself and the search for your own definition of freedom.”
— Ron Carson, founder and CEO of Carson Group

“For anyone who feels overwhelmed or anxious at the thought of investing, Jonathan DeYoe has written a brilliant book to guide you to simplicity in your finances. These pages are filled with decades of wisdom from someone who is a master at mindfully managing money.”
— Adam Carroll, founder of The Shred Method™

“Jonathan DeYoe’s first book, Mindful Money, offered readers an easy path to a personal financial plan, and in Mindful Investing, he shares how to get the most profit from your portfolio with the least amount of time and effort. Great investment insights.”
— Jim Britt, ten-time #1 internationally bestselling author of the Cracking the Rich Code series

“The remedy for emotional investing is mindful investing. Jonathan DeYoe has developed a practical and actionable strategy for finding success as an investor.”
— George Grombacher, financial adviser and author of Be Your Own CFO

“Whether you know a lot or a little about investing, Mindful Investing is an insightful read on why and how to invest. The ‘mindfulness’ nuggets cast a calm veil over what can be a stressful topic. Money is not about hoarding but about growing and compounding a sliver of your earnings to create a life in accord with your values, wishes, and goals. The thoughtful exercises, proven investment strategy, and motivating quotes provide a road map to a secure and confident financial future. With history, philosophy, and research-based investment methods, Jonathan DeYoe arms you with the tools to meet your financial goals.”
— Barbara A. Friedberg, CEO of Wealth Media and editor of Personal Finance: An Encyclopedia of Modern Money Management

“This book makes investing so much easier than you can imagine! I’ve worked in the money and investing business for nearly thirty years and have never read such a succinct and easy-to-understand investing manual. This is the book I’ll be recommending from now on. Thank you, Jonathan, for giving away your secrets and making it simple for readers to get busy investing.”
— Leisa Peterson, author of The Mindful Millionaire

Mindful Investing is a breath of fresh air when it comes to investing. Jonathan DeYoe’s honest and straightforward approach serves as a how-to guide for both new and seasoned investors. In its pages, you will get an investing strategy that is time-tested, thorough, and gentle all at the same time. I loved this book and will recommend it to friends, family, and clients alike!”
— Holly Morphew, founder and CFO of Financial Impact and author of Simple Wealth