A Guided Meditation through Nature for Kids
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A gorgeously illustrated guided meditation to calm and soothe as well as inspire and empower us to act on behalf of the natural world

Join the award-winning team of writer and teacher Bill Meyer and illustrator Brittany R. Jacobs on a guided meditation journey through rich, colorful landscapes spanning the globe. Breathe into the experience of waves on the ocean, trees in a forest, and the warmth of a desert, and feel your connection to all of life, from barnacles to baboons to falcons to farmers. This magical meditation-in-a-book is ideal for anyone who wants to simultaneously calm down and rise up to the world in all its wonders.


“Vibrant watercolor illustrations offer suggestions of where the imagination could wander. . . . A worthwhile addition to any library serving young children, and particularly useful for classrooms seeking to build a mindfulness practice.”
School Library Journal

“A poetic and beautifully illustrated meditation.”
Kirkus Reviews

“The admonitions geared to kids (‘Imagine yourself moving inland, over the vast grassy plains, watching herds of wildebeests moving across the open fields.’) traverse world environments and provide fine invitations to open hearts, imaginations, and minds alike, providing a kid-centric method for appreciating all that will best be served by adults who help them in the process.”
Midwest Book Review