Anne Katherine

Anne Katherine

For over forty years, Anne Katherine shepherded clients into their inner spaces that held the forgotten wounds and hidden sorrows that shape a person’s perceptions and choices. Once there, she knew how to bathe those sacred places with compassion in a way that brought both soothing and startling insight, opening them to new dimensions within themselves and new possibilities for their lives.

Anne discovered that gaining skill in setting boundaries provides essential protection for any improved paths a person wants to walk. Thus, as with most of her books, the trilogy on boundaries arose from her desire to give people tools to better their lives.

In her professional work, Anne has created numerous programs and processes, including:

• How to fix a broken appetite switch
• How to recover from addiction to misery and self-sabotage
• How to discover your life’s purposes

Although she has retired from private practice and offers very few workshops, you can still find much of Anne’s work in her nine books that focus on some aspect of self-healing, or on her websites.

Anne has been on television and radio, including Lifetime, CNN, NPR, and many other networks. Her credentials included Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Board Certified Regression Therapist, Certified Eating Disorders Specialist, Registered Hypnotherapist, and Master of Arts, Psychology.

Master Your Appetite is her online, self-directed program for appetite switch repair:

Find news about her books, and announcements of her rare appearances, at

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