Real-Life Solutions for Overscheduled Women
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  • Author: Yvonne Tally
  • Product Code: 85257
  • ISBN: 978-1-60868-525-7
  • Pages: 216
  • 1 Hardback
  • Size: 5.00 x 8.00


Make the time for what matters most by breaking up with busy

Overbooking and undersleeping have almost become status symbols, and having it all seems to be synonymous with doing it all, yet what do we really accomplish with so much busyness? Yvonne Tally wants to give you back your life by helping you break the busyness habit. She offers realistic, step-by-step, and even fun ways to get off the busyness hamster wheel and reclaim your time. Yvonne shows how the benefits of living a more balanced life can improve your longevity and spiritual well-being. She outlines ways to shift and calm your mind, learn how to say no, and create your own “busy-busting solutions.” With fifty-two refreshers and reminders, Breaking Up with Busy provides incremental ways to change habits, transform thinking, and reconnect with your unique, personal sense of play and pleasure.


“Yvonne Tally does a great job, in Breaking Up with Busy, of giving women actionable advice supported by real-life examples; and any woman — or any person, for that matter — who needs more balance in their life will be able to benefit from reading this book.”
The Mindful Word

“Yvonne Tally delivers her message with a light hand and a sense of humor, making hers a voice that people trust and find inspiring.”
— Kat Gordon, founder of the 3% International Conference

“Yvonne Tally’s energy is boundless, and her clients wish they could buy a bottle of it. With this book, now they can!”
— Robbie Baxter, author of The Membership Economy and founder of Peninsula Strategies

“As a consumer reporter, I have done countless stories on the next best thing to get in shape and get healthy. I have heard it all and done it all! But what I never had done before was exercise and train my mind to work in a productive and positive way to change my most challenging habits. Working with Yvonne Tally has helped me create a new way of thinking and living. It is one of the most powerful things I have ever done.”
— Jeanette Pavini, two-time Emmy Award–winning journalist and coauthor of Raising Baby Green

“Yvonne Tally seems to have unlocked the secret formula for a truly balanced and mindful approach that addresses our inner sense of calm, presence, and well-being. I have shared her intuitive, highly effective, groundbreaking method with entire families, and it works. Today, tomorrow, and for years to come, it works.”
— Dave Grandin, MFCC therapist

“What a refreshing and deeply useful guide to busting your stories and beliefs about why you must be so very busy. I made tons of notes and immediately implemented several ideas. But most of all? I felt far less alone in my busyness and more willing to do something about it. This is one of those books you’ll want to revisit again and again as you change your story about busy.”
— Jennifer Louden, author of The Life Organizer and The Woman’s Comfort Book

“In an environment crowded with overwhelming and often conflicting information, Yvonne Tally provides a streamlined and comprehensive approach to living well, from the inside out. Her ‘attitude is everything’ philosophy is the cornerstone for balanced modern living.”
— Sarah Lucas, cofounder of Beyond Type 1

Breaking Up with Busy is a wake-up call (and revelation) to overscheduled women everywhere. Chock-full of engaging stories, illuminating exercises, and highly practical ‘busy-busting solutions,’ this is the book you want by your side so you can put your well-being at the top of your priority list — without sacrificing your ambition or success to do it.”
— Alexia Vernon, author of Step into Your Moxie

“Yvonne Tally hits the busyness epidemic head-on and gets to the root of what is driving busy habits, by methodically laying out the traps and the solutions to help you break up with busy once and for all. And if you’re tempted to slip back into busy, Yvonne’s ‘Busy-Free Playbook’ chapter gives you fifty-two weeks of busy-free refreshers, on top of the mindfulness and practical solutions in early chapters. It is exactly the book that any busy woman needs! Yvonne’s expertise as a lifestyle coach offers the perfect blueprint to a mindful and healthy life.”
— Lee Woodruff, New York Times–bestselling author of Those We Love Most and Perfectly Imperfect

“Takes a clear-eyed look at the busyness epidemic women battle daily and comes up with practical strategies to reset and reclaim a more satisfying life. A must-read for busy women everywhere!”
— Lalita Tademy, New York Times–bestselling author of Cane River, Red River, and Citizens Creek

“The fact that you think you don’t have time to read this book is the reason you need to read this book. Yvonne Tally’s practical tips and insights will help you reduce stress and change your habits. It’s time to stop feeling overwhelmed and to reclaim your love life, work life, and — most importantly — your real life.”
— Sam Bennett, author of Get It Done!