Emotional Freedom through Deliberate Thinking
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  • ISBN: 978-1-60868-829-6
  • Pages: 136
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Ever wonder why you continually think about this, that, or the other when you’d rather be enjoying a moment, pursuing a dream, or completing a project? Author Thomas M. Sterner knows you are not alone and offers methods for thinking, rather than being thought. As Tom’s thousands of clients know, directing your thoughts instead of being directed by them is possible and transformative. He outlines liberating ways to first observe and then master your thinking, allowing you to:

• recognize unhelpful historical and present-day programming
• understand how the conscious and subconscious minds interact
• experience the relationship between heart and brain

The skills Tom teaches prove that we are not the thoughts and emotions that can overwhelm us, and that on any given day we have the power to connect to who we really are and achieve what we really want and need. Filled with inspiring examples and practical action steps, It’s Just a Thought exposes our limitations and handicaps and gives us the tools to make overcoming them a joyful process of empowerment.


“Thomas M. Sterner’s approach is practical and direct. In a fast-moving world, he challenges you to do what feels impossible: to live in the moment. Accept the challenge. You’ll be glad you did.”
— Sam Caucci, founder and CEO of 1Huddle

“Thomas M. Sterner is one of my favorite writers and thinkers. In this great, quick-reading book he integrates ancient wisdom and modern science to show us how to create emotional freedom through deliberate thinking — an absolutely essential skill for our challenging times.”
— Brian Johnson, founder and CEO of Heroic and creator of PhilosophersNotes

“In this exceptional book, Thomas M. Sterner brilliantly illuminates and illustrates how to gain mastery over your thoughts and therefore over your emotions, your perceptions, and your lived experiences. Tom’s ability to recognize, distill, and integrate fundamental principles from diverse sources is unparalleled. His writing is powerfully clear, focused, and riveting. It’s Just a Thought will not only convince you that changing the way you think is essential to a deeply fulfilling life, it will compel you to do so. This book is life-changing.”
— Suzanne Eder, author of What You Want Wants You

It’s Just a Thought is more than just a book. Thomas M. Sterner meets his readers where they are, takes them by the hand, and shows them what is truly possible. Each chapter has guidance fueled by Eastern wisdom and Western pragmatism. Each story reveals a new perspective. This book will lead you to greater levels of awareness and connection with yourself, your power, and others.”
— Sheila Neff, global director of GIFT Inc.