Living the Spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola — 365 Daily Reflections
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  • Author: Jim Manney
  • Product Code: 87763
  • ISBN: 978-1-60868-776-3
  • Pages: 440
  • 1 Paperback / softback
  • Size: 5.00 x 8.00


How can I find meaning and joy? How can I think clearly? What’s valuable in life, and what’s irrelevant? How do we manage anger? What can we do about envy, laziness, resentment? How do I know what matters most? What do I really want? These are the questions that lie at the heart of Ignatian spirituality, the five-hundred-year-old wisdom tradition that has shown leaders, seekers, and doers the way to live a better life.

The daily readings in this book emphasize answers to pressing questions about satisfaction in work and relationships. St. Ignatius and his friends believed that “God is found in all things” and “love is best expressed in deeds rather than words.” The Ignatian way is profoundly practical. It guides us through the great challenge of life — finding God and finding our place in God’s work to save and heal the world.


“These are not just reflections to be read; they form an approach to life and a path to be taken. Enjoy the daily journey that follows!”
— from the foreword by Chris Lowney, author of Heroic Leadership

“One of the most successful and accessible explicators of the riches of Ignatian spirituality, Jim Manney is the perfect person to write this beautiful book. Let the wisdom of St. Ignatius guide you gently through your days with these lovely meditations.”
— James Martin, SJ, author of My Life with the Saints and The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything

“There’s no doubt, Jim Manney knows his Ignatius of Loyola. But what matters to me most is the attention Manney pays to what’s essentially human. This book is for our common path of love, work, compassion, relationships, and God.”
— Jon M. Sweeney, author of James Martin, SJ: In the Company of Jesus and editor of The Complete Francis of Assisi

“If you are looking for a book to help you put your faith into action, What Matters Most and Why is the book for you! Jim Manney offers thoughtful daily reflections rooted in Ignatian spirituality that encourage you to not only prayerfully ponder what matters each day, but to also live what matters each day. Each day holds a moment of reflection with an invitation for action. A book I will recommend again and again to those seeking to put their faith into practice!”
— Becky Eldredge, Ignatian-trained spiritual director and author of Busy Lives & Restless Souls and The Inner Chapel

“In this accessible volume, Jim Manney distills decades of prayer, writing, editing, and encouraging others. Readers who are intimately familiar with this tradition, as well as those approaching it for the first time, will find here ample sources for contemplation and action.”
— Tim Muldoon, author of The Ignatian Workout and Living Against the Grain