A Poetry Path to Healing and Self-Discovery
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  • ISBN: 978-1-60868-910-1
  • Pages: 272
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Poet, writer, and educator Meredith Heller provides inspiration and invitations anyone can use to explore, express, heal, and find belonging through the power of their own words

It’s in tough times that we need belonging the most. Educator and poet Meredith Heller feels that writing can meet this need — as a steadfast, lifelong refuge and friendship with yourself. Used to explore, heal, and move through life’s many changes, writing can provide the ultimate emotional support and connect you to yourself and the world around you.

As a writer and musician, Heller used writing to restore her own life. As an educator, she’s worked with vulnerable groups and individuals on using the power of writing to heal and grow. In this book, she shares the techniques she developed instructing others and helping them explore their emotions, find their voice, and better navigate the challenging experiences we confront in our lives.

Readers will learn:

• how to approach writing as a practice rather than something that needs to be perfect
• techniques that unlock various modes of self-expression, instill trust in creative instincts, and build confidence
• the tools of poetry, such as metaphor and simile, point of view, editing techniques, and more
• practical exercises and invitations to get started and keep writing

With special attention to women writers, Writing by Heart is a must-read for anyone, from seasoned writer to novice, who wants to use the transformative power of writing to heal, grow, and create belonging.



“I invite you to plant your ‘heart broken open’ into this book, which is here to be a catalyst for your own poetic voice and creativity. . . . At the true heart of this book are the questions Meredith Heller steadily offers you to consider. . . . Writing by Heart, a joy to read, is for you.”
— from the foreword by John Fox