Neither Wolf nor Dog 25th Anniversary EditionBy: Kent Nerburn


On Forgotten Roads with an Indian Elder

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“Realists wanting a truthful, fiery, and ultimately cleansing dialogue between Indian and white will definitely want [this book].”
— Booklist
“An imaginative leap that encompasses several genres in its successful attempt to convey some aspects of American Indian life and truth to American readers.”
— Minneapolis Star Tribune
“A chronicle extraordinary for its difficult truths and its stunning depths. . . . This is a sobering, humbling, cleansing, loving book, one that every American should read.”
— Yoga Journal
“I expected to find Black Elk between these covers. What I found instead was more modern, more alive, and every bit as poignant and moving.”
— NAPRA Review
“This is one of those rare works that once you’ve read it, you can never look at the world, or at people, the same way again. It is quiet and forceful and powerful.”
— American Indian College Fund
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