A Nonpredatory Approach to Social Intelligence, Leadership, and Innovation
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  • Author: Linda Kohanov
  • Product Code: 83710
  • ISBN: 978-1-60868-371-0
  • Pages: 464
  • 1 Paperback
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Linda Kohanov is beloved for her groundbreaking articulation of “the way of the horse,” an experiential wisdom known to riders for centuries but little studied or adapted to off-horse use. Now Kohanov takes those horse-inspired insights on the nonverbal elements of exceptional communication and leadership into the realms of our workplaces and relationships. Here we explore the benefits of “nonpredatory power” in developing assertiveness, fostering creativity, dealing with conflict, and heightening mind-body awareness.

In “A Brief History of Power,” the first part of this far-reaching book, Kohanov profiles cultural innovators who employed extraordinary nonverbal leadership skills to change history, usually on horseback: Winston Churchill, George Washington, Alexander the Great, and Siddhartha Gautama (the Buddha), among others. She also draws on the behavior of mature horse herds, as well as the herding cultures of Africa and Mongolia, to debunk theories of dominance hierarchies, challenge ingrained notions of “survival of the fittest,” and demonstrate the power of a consensual leadership in which governing roles are fluid.

Kohanov then adapts these lessons into twelve powerful guiding principles we can all incorporate into our work and personal lives. Eloquent and provocative, this is horse sense for everyone who seeks to thrive in the herds we all run in — our communities, careers, families, and friendships.


“An innovative path to leadership and a journey of self-discovery.”
Peter A. Levine, PhD, author of Waking the Tiger and In an Unspoken Voice

“Once again, Linda Kohanov shows us a much-needed alternative to business-as-usual in our relationships with each other and with other species.”
Christian de Quincey, PhD, author of Radical Nature and Radical Knowing

“Linda Kohanov has created a unique synthesis of myth, symbology, psychology, neuroscience, and, most important of all, the insight she has gained from horses to give us a manual to guide ourselves and our leaders through the twenty-first century and beyond. In this book, a must for every leader, or everyone who wants to be one — in his or her own life and in our world at large — she takes horsemanship from a personal level to a global one.”
Allan J. Hamilton, MD, FACS, author of Zen Mind, Zen Horse

“In The Power of the Herd Linda Kohanov reveals the ways in which humans can learn from the behavior and social infrastructure of horses. Well written and well researched, this book is a valuable contribution to the literature on interspecies communication.”
Andrew Weil, MD, author of Spontaneous Happiness

“Complex and multi-layered....there are many rewards as Kohanov explains the ‘interspecies culture,’ the connection between ‘emotional intelligence’ and professional success and shares meaningful examples of individuals who have learned valuable life lessons from their horses.”
Publishers Weekly

“Belongs at the top of your list of books to read this year. Sweeping in scope, Kohanov’s latest work is a blend of scholarship and storytelling so finely crafted that you’ll want to pause occasionally just to marvel at the quality of the writing. It’s a fascinating read, brought to life with examples drawn from historical figures and the evolution of human development as well as lessons learned from years of working with her beloved horses. This is a book to be savored.”
Bob Wall, author of Coaching for Emotional Intelligence

“For millennia we humans were mere prey. We’re here only because some of our ancestors could mimic the animals who knew how to run the gauntlet of the great carnivores. Horses are one of those creatures still amongst us. Linda Kohanov is that rare twenty-first-century watcher with the wit to see the lessons horses can still teach us and the talent to harness it in this remarkable book. She lays out a powerful case that our evolution still rides on the shoulders of these giants.”
Meg Daley Olmert, author of Made for Each Other: The Biology of the Human-Animal Bond