Sanaya Roman

Sanaya Roman channeled Orin, a wise and gentle spirit teacher, for over 25 years. Most of the advice Orin gives to people is contained in six books: Living with Joy, Personal Power through Awareness, Spiritual Growth, Opening to Channel, Creating Money, and Soul Love. All of Orin’s work assists people in unfolding their potential, finding their inner wisdom, and in growing spiritually. Sanaya also produced an extensive line of audio guided meditations by Orin to assist you in transforming your life, contacting your soul and Spirit, learning to channel, and creating the reality you want. In the final years of her life, Sanaya worked with Orin on the seven qualities of Divine Will books. You can read about the seven qualities of Divine Will and start studying this free course by visiting Sanaya died peacefully at home in Oregon at the end of 2021. She and Orin continue to transmit light and love to all who connect with their meditations and books, and through the music she created with Thaddeus. We miss her, but we celebrate the great legacy she is leaving us with her wonderful life’s work.
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