Jennifer Louden

Jennifer Louden is the best-selling author of The Life Organizer, The Woman's Comfort Book, The Couple's Comfort Book, The Pregnant Woman's Comfort Book, The Woman's Retreat Book, and Comfort Secrets for Busy Women. She is both a personal coach and social commentator, who has taken the concept of "comfort" and self-care, and made these essential concepts irresistible and essential to women around the world. Jennifer is a cultural visionary, harnessing her extraordinary ability to recognize women's comfort as both a fundamental need and an innate desire. As women's roles and voices have evolved, so has Jennifer's mission, transforming from a well-read self-help author to a cultural leader and life guide, inspiring women to develop their own recipe for emotional, physical, spiritual and work-life balance. With Jennifer's prompting, women are encouraged to find their personal truths, to explore and unearth their purposes in life, purposes that resonate most authentically with their innate wisdom, creating the truest comfort of all. Jennifer's books have been translated into nine languages and have been bestsellers in both Germany and the U.S, reaching hundreds of thousands of women. Jennifer has taught her lively workshops and delivered her humorous and motivational keynotes across the U.S., Canada, and Europe at hospitals, women's health centers, corporations, and universities. She has created and led innovative women's retreats since 1992, from the Omega retreat center to the wilds of Canada to corporate retreats. She is also a certified coach, and graduated from Newfield Network's program. Jennifer has been featured in major publications and regularly shares her voice with an enthusiastic national audience. Her media appearances have included the Oprah Show, and Later Today, as well as MS-NBC, CNN, and Fit TV. Articles about her work have appeared in Glamour, Shape, People, Redbook, Good Housekeeping, Self, New Woman, Ladies Home Journal, Yoga Journal, Health, InStyle, and Parents, as well as many local papers. Jennifer's name has become synonymous with comfort and the multi-minding woman. Recognizing the genuineness of Jennifer's vision and the depth at which people have bonded with her message, major forward-thinking companies — from Proctor & Gamble to Martha Stewart's Omnimedia — have seen the value of utilizing Jennifer as spokesperson, editor, or purveyor of truth, and always as an embodiment of authenticity.
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