Julia Assante

Julia Assante is both a mystic and a scholar. She has been a professional intuitive, medium, and past-life therapist for over four decades. Julia gives workshops in the United States and Europe, focused on unleashing the full range of people's natural psychic capacities, from remote viewing and healing to reincarnational recall and after-death communication. Her accuracy in telepathy has been clinically tested at Columbia University (1987), which scored her high above other professional psychics. As a scholar (PhD, Columbia University), her landmark publications on ancient Near Eastern magic, cult, and religion have revised many long-standing assumptions in the study of antiquity in general. She has taught at Columbia, Bryn Mawr, and the University of Munster (Germany) and given talks at many major universities around the world. Currently she divides her time between the United States (Northern California) and Europe (France and Germany). Her official website is www.juliaassante.com.
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