Kelly Howell

Kelly Howell, creator of Brain Sync, is the world's leading authority on brain wave audio technology. With almost three million audio programs in circulation and decades of experience, Kelly is renowned for her revolutionary work in meditation and mind expansion. Her visionary recording techniques have helped hundreds of thousands of individuals achieve personal and professional goals, experience more peaceful states of mind, and enhance their mental performance. In the early 1980s, Kelly authored dozens of highly popular self-help programs, including one of the bestselling audio programs of all time, Slim Forever. Having become fascinated with brain wave altering techniques, she went on to create a superb series of brain optimization programs called Super Mind, published by Random House. As an early pioneer in the practical application of brain wave research, Kelly was commissioned by eminent doctors and neuroscientists to create clinical programs for the treatment of depression, insomnia, and addiction. Today, Kelly's life-changing audio programs are used in biofeedback clinics, hospitals, and wellness centers worldwide. Kelly is also host of the much-loved Theatre of the Mind podcast and radio show, which explores mind expansion, creativity, and the many facets of human potential. In an age where life is becoming exceedingly hectic, Kelly's guidance and instruction are invaluable. She is affectionately called the "brain whisperer" by her many fans. Her website is
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