Karen McCall

Karen McCall is the founder and owner of the Financial Recovery Institute. Since 1988, McCall has counseled individuals, couples, and businesses through a holistic, transformational approach that results in a stable and secure financial foundation. The Karen McCall MoneyMinder© system enables people to discover underlying attitudes about money — often the cause of self-defeating money behaviors such as overspending, chronic debt, underearning, and low or no savings — while providing the tools, strategies, and support to achieve financial well-being. Karen McCall is recognized nationally and across many disciplines as a consultant, trainer, and speaker on effective money management and its role in overall financial and emotional stability. She has been featured in such publications as Money Magazine, Entrepreneur, and USA Weekend. She was featured on the PBS series The Financial Advisors and was the host of the radio talk show Mental Wealth. Her published works include It's Your Money: Achieving Financial Well-Being; The Financial Recovery Workbook; and as a contributor to I Shop, Therefore I Am: Compulsive Buying and the Search for Self, a book for mental health professionals. Karen McCall is in demand as a presenter at conferences and financial recovery groups across the country. She lives in Sonoma County, California. Visit Karen's website at www.financialrecovery.com.
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