The Life OrganizerBy: Jennifer Louden


A Woman's Guide to a Mindful Year

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“In this important book, Jennifer Louden shows you how to live with more courage and greater intention, and how to embrace the truth that you are enough right . You’ll write in it, dog-ear it, and use it until it falls apart. It’s just that good.”
— Brené Brown, PhD , author of the New York Times #1 bestseller Daring Greatly
“Jennifer Louden ‘gets’ what it takes to live our beautifully messy human lives centered in our hearts and watered by the wellspring of Soul desires. Here is a book that helps us remember and love the questions that matter.”
— Oriah Mountain Dreamer , author of The Invitation
“Jennifer Louden's daily prompts and strategies bring our attention back, again and again, to what really matters to us and help us to infuse our daily lives with the wisdom of our own hearts. This is a clear-eyed and warmhearted guidebook.”
— Sharon Salzberg , author of Real Happiness and Lovingkindness
“If time-management checklists and calendar boxes don’t work for you, have hope. Jen Louden offers a colorful, intuitive way to shape your life’s days with reverence and soul. With The Life Organizer at your side, you can make your days holy, feeling by feeling, question by question, intention by intention. (And it works for men, too.)”
— Jeffrey Davis , author of The Journey from the Center to the Page
“As a busy creative entrepreneur and mom, I find it tempting to be run by my to-do list. If I’m not careful, I wind up feeling stressed — and I don’t get to fully enjoy the process of all that I’m doing. Seeing The Life Organizer on my desk gently reminds me there is another way, a way to live with joy and productivity. I love this book!”
— Karen Salmansohn , bestselling author of Prince Harming Syndrome
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