Bones & HoneyBy: Danielle Dulsky


A Heathen Prayer Book

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Bones & Honey offers us a deeper place to go when we need a deeper kind of prayer, the kind that speaks light into darkness.”
— Ora North, author of I Don’t Want to Be an Empath Anymore
“Artfully combines poetic allure with ancient insights, creating a narrative that profoundly touches the contemporary heart. Each page brims with nature-inspired prayers, mythic chants, and tales that rekindle our innate bond to the universe around us.”
— Mat Auryn, bestselling author of Psychic Witch
“Danielle Dulsky . . . gifts readers with another masterfully crafted, visceral, and hauntingly beautiful book. The prose is equal parts eloquent, illumined, and inspiring and will stay with the reader long after they’ve turned the last page.”
— Chris Grosso, author of Indie Spiritualist
“Bones & Honey is a book of portals, each one opening to ancient ways of remembrance and reclamation. . . . Dulsky’s words speak straight to the beating heart of the human experience, in all its timeless expressions.”
— Celeste Larsen, author of Heal the Witch Wound
“The evocative prayers collected in Danielle Dulsky’s Bones & Honey invite contemplation and transformation. . . . Bones & Honey is a stirring work of art that can be read from cover to cover and a powerful tool that can be utilized for healing and growth.”
— Catherine Thureson, Foreword
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