DreamgatesBy: Robert Moss


Exploring the Worlds of Soul, Imagination, and Life Beyond Death

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“This classic book is for all who want to navigate the inner space of their dreams with confidence. Now everyone can journey through the dreamgates to explore the deep wisdom of their dreaming.”
— Caitlín Matthews , author of King Arthur’s Raid on the Underworld and Singing the Soul Back Home
“In this marvelous and elegantly written book, Robert Moss teaches us all to be citizens of a larger and inexhaustibly mysterious universe. In his work we discern the phosphorescent trail of the shaman, yet all can learn from it. He leaves no scholarly or experiential stones unturned in his quest for knowledge of the soul from within. Read Dreamgates and you may find yourself on an amazing joyride into the collective unconscious — and may discover, like Black Elk, that ‘there is no end to new worlds for our vision.’”
— Stephen Larsen, PhD , author of The Mythic Imagination and coauthor of A Fire in the Mind: The Authorized Biography of Joseph Campbell
“Travel in ‘dreambodies,’ [Moss] contends, is quite real and is an important part of everyone’s total life experience, whether or not it is remembered in conscious states.…Teaching his method of ‘active dreaming,’ he provides many provocative individual and group exercises, including breathing, drumming and a variety of visualization techniques.”
— Publishers Weekly
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