Empowered, Sexy, and FreeBy: Jolie Dawn


Discover Your Unique Brilliance and Dare to Be the Creatrix of Your Life

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“Jolie Dawn has the gift of writing; her words become ours. Her book guides you from immaturity to wisdom. Jolie’s is the voice of the big sister, elder, and mentor my youthful self always wished for to bring her home to self-comfort. There is nothing like a good book that paints the picture of a youthful broken woman transformed into a wise, enlightened one. May this book shorten your journey to the best parts of you.”
— Debra Silverman, psychotherapist and world-renowned astrologer
“Jolie Dawn is an extraordinary author, one who truly helps women capture their brilliance and step into new possibilities. If you have forgotten who you came to this world to be, this book will help you remember.”
— Jacki Beem, founder of Hi-Watt Living
“Sisters! This book is bound to take you on an expansive journey of self-discovery and remembrance of who you truly are. Jolie Dawn embodies what she teaches and shows other women how to create a life that they are in love with by using the practical and actionable tools in this book.”
— Amanda Goolsby, speaker, facilitator, and spiritual business advisor
“Empowered, Sexy, and Free is like having direct access to both a private coach and a big sister who empowers you to bloom into the best version of you. Jolie Dawn lets no one, as challenged as they might feel with their life’s circumstances, get stuck into thinking they don’t have the power to create their life with more abundance and joy. Read this book if you dare to unlock the magic you have within and to live your desires as your reality.”
— Allie McFee, women’s health educator with Modern Goddess Lifestyle
“Every woman must know the power of living the kind of life Jolie Dawn describes as ‘empowered, sexy, and free.’ This book is truly a must-have road map for the modern woman for how to embody the new paradigm for living a wildly successful, turned-on, and purposeful life.”
— Jules Schroeder, founder of Unconventional Life
“Profound, crystal clear, and epically transformative. I felt deep shifts and cried lots of tears even in the first few pages. I’m eternally grateful this book exists — for me and for women everywhere. Jolie, thank you for sharing your magic to inspire our own.”
— Dr. Katherine M. Zagone, naturopathic doctor
“Have you ever contemplated just what it would take to enrich and electrify your life, while making a huge impact on others? Jolie Dawn has laid out a decadent spread of juicy, delicious possibilities that every woman should consider as she creates her journey through this lifetime. And, powerfully, Jolie shows you how to actualize fulfillment and satisfaction with potent tools I’ve witnessed her using firsthand to magically create a ‘hell yes’ life! I couldn’t put this down!”
— Misty Williams, founder of Healing Rosie
“Empowered, Sexy, and Free is a delight for the soul. Jolie Dawn nourishes us with her ability to sweetly illustrate a woman’s journey home to herself. Any woman ready to be deeply seen and powerfully inspired will greatly benefit from picking up this book.”
— Nina Camille, creator of Experience Freedom and coauthor of The Empowered Woman Series, Book 2
“An empowering book for women, reminding us that the radical power we hold is a gift to the world and is meant to be shared. Jolie, thank you for seeing women so deeply and intimately, and for lovingly guiding us through the beauty of your words.”
— Tameika Gentles, cofounder of The Whole Experience Inc.
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