Escaping the Prison of the IntellectBy: Deepak Chopra


A Journey from Here to Here
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“As the best-selling author of several books on longevity, physician Chopra here ponders the big questions of life as he challenges listeners to open their minds to new ways of thinking. Escaping the Prison of the Intellect explores the ways in which we perceive our existence through our physical bodies (whimsically referred to as "skin encapsulated egos"), our position in time, and others' perceptions. Chopra neatly ties in ideas of such thinkers as Nietzsche and T.S. Eliot.”
— Susan McCaffrey, Library Journal
“Recorded in 1992 prior to Chopra's rise to fame, this brief recording is an authoritative summary of his thinking on how the mind and physical senses conspire to create barriers to a more fulfilling life.”
— AudioFile magazine
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