Expect the UnexpectedBy: Bill Philipps, William Croyle


Bringing Peace, Healing, and Hope from the Other Side

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Expect the Unexpected offers an honestly refreshing glimpse into the world of mediumship and Spirit. Bill Philipps’s old soul shines through as he enlightens and empowers us all to tap into our own intuitive gifts and spiritual awareness.”
— Rebecca Rosen, bestselling author of Spirited and Awaken the Spirit Within
“‘Always be prepared for surprises’ is a lesson I have learned over two decades of conducting scientific research on mediumship and life after death. Expect the Unexpected expresses this truth in a clear and convincing manner. This beautifully written book is educational and enlightening — well worth reading for believers and skeptics alike.”
— Gary E. Schwartz, PhD, professor, University of Arizona, and author of The Afterlife Experiments and The Sacred Promise
“Bill Philipps’s book is like a spiritual spa day. It is as peaceful and powerful as the man himself. You will learn so much about the spirits and yourself.”
— Dorothy Lucey, entertainment reporter and former cohost of Good Day LA
“To read Bill Philipps’s writing is to be held by his spirit. He is a force of goodwill on this earth, and he heals hearts. His stories teach us that mediums are real and that passing on is not scary but simply a change in location, to a location that is only accessible with an open heart. I am grateful for Bill Philipps. I am grateful for his book.”
— Christine Woods, actress, Hello Ladies and The Walking Dead
“Bill Philipps is not only a gifted psychic medium but one of the most sincere and genuine young men I have ever met. He brings healing and hope where there is loss and pain. He truly cares for people and comforts them with his compassion and the warmth of his heart.”
— Tanya Brown, author of Finding Peace Amid the Chaos
“This book not only gives evidence of life after death but also gives a very accurate view of the struggles a pure psychic medium goes through. Bill Philipps is real, down-to-earth, humble, and obviously very gifted, and I’m so grateful he wrote this book. Another hundred pages would still be too short.”
— Echo Bodine, author of Echoes of the Soul and The Gift
“This book captures the wonder of communication with the afterlife, a wonder felt not just by the deceased’s families and friends, but also by the mediums themselves. Bill Philipps’s insiders’ accounts, written with energy and conviction, demonstrate again and again the maxim of professional mediumship: the dead are always right.”
— Julia Assante, PhD, author of The Last Frontier
“Philipps writes with humility, respect, and compassion. It’s clear that his intent is to help, not to impress. He speaks, not from a pedestal, but toe-to-toe with the people who seek his help....They will find this book to be a lighthouse on the path to healing and serenity.”
— Anna Jedrziewski, Retailing Insight
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