From Anxiety to LoveBy: Corinne Zupko


A Radical New Approach for Letting Go of Fear and Finding Lasting Peace

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“Corinne Zupko brings a fresh point of view to understanding how to deal with debilitating anxiety in this exceptional book. The wisdom she has gained through her own experience will be invaluable to anyone struggling with chronic worry, panic attacks, and everything in between. Corinne’s is a wise, humble, trustworthy voice.”
— Amy Torres, author of Sweet Dreams of Awakening
“A brilliantly courageous book! Finally, a spiritual book that isn’t scared to reach into the dark corners of the mind and fill them with hope and love. Corinne Zupko tells the story candidly yet never digresses from a message of hope. I am a huge fan.”
— Sean Patrick, MSc, BPS, founder of That Guy’s House and author of That Guy Who Loves the Universe From Anxiety to Love is not just about managing symptoms of anxiety. It is about undoing anxiety at its source. In a world that needs more love, it is essential that we free our minds of fear as quickly as possible so we can extend love to others. This book will help you do exactly that.”
— Jordan Bach, life coach
“Corinne Zupko exposes humanity’s single greatest addiction — fear . But unlike most Band-Aid remedies prescribed for this epidemic, she reveals the rarely recognized source of all fear so it can finally be seen and healed. From Anxiety to Love skillfully demystifies anxiety. It offers a wealth of practical lessons, insights, and exercises that guide us out of the debilitating darkness of self-doubt and into the radiant light of self-love.”
— Nouk Sanchez, author of The End of Death
“I’m so thrilled A Course in Miracles has transformed Corinne Zupko’s anxiety into deep inner peace — and I’m equally thrilled she’s sharing this extraordinary path with you.”
— Emily Bennington, author of Miracles at Work “Corinne Zupko has written an important book. Her words are gentle yet powerful and will help so many people, including me!”
— Katie Dalebout, author of Let It Out and host of the Let It Out podcast
“Profoundly insightful, Corrine Zupko’s book will help you heal anxiety and other stressors by learning new ways of perceiving yourself and the world. I highly recommend this book for anyone who sincerely wants to walk the healing path of awakening to their true nature as Spirit.”
— Cindy Lora-Renard, spiritual counselor and author of A Course in Health and Well-Being
“With her wonderful book, Corinne Zupko gives us a masterly outline of the best way to dissolve fear from our lives and allow into our awareness the glowing love it was hiding.”
— Gary Renard, bestselling author of The Disappearance of the Universe From Anxiety to Love is a well-written, easy, and thoroughly enjoyable read. Corinne Zupko has a clear, deep understanding of the teachings of A Course in Miracles . The Course is all about being responsible, facing our fears, realizing their nonreality, and remembering God’s Love. Corinne’s book is a demonstration of how that can be done.”
— Jon Mundy, PhD, author of Living A Course in Miracles and publisher of Miracles magazine
“A fresh, clean, clear, insightful, and astute journey to the heart of A Course in Miracles . Corinne Zupko’s sincere sharing of her experiences is compelling, perfectly mapping for all of us the all-important journey from fear to love. Corinne is a masterful teacher!”
— Alan Cohen, author of A Course in Miracles Made Easy “Corinne Zupko’s beautiful book offers a clear and direct pathway through the complex issues of anxiety disorders. She intertwines her own personal experiences with her path to healing through the practical application of A Course in Miracles . Make contact with your Inner Therapist with Corinne’s loving help.”
— David Hoffmeister, author of Unwind Your Mind Back to God
“I absolutely love this book. Corinne Zupko’s story of healing and transformation is a powerful reminder of your natural ability to let go of limiting negative emotions and remember the truth of who you really are.”
— Lisa Natoli, bestselling author of Gorgeous for God
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