Integrated Dog TrainingBy: Michael Wombacher


The Commonsense Visual Guide to Training Any Dog

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“For readers seeking a get-it-done training manual, this inexpensive, thorough guidebook offers exceptional guidance without a lot of distraction.”
— Library Journal
“Michael Wombacher has a lovely attitude toward life and the joy that canine companionship can bring to it. Over the past twenty-five years, he has trained four of our poodles. They’ve all been happy and confident, beautifully behaved, and easy with family and friends. They’ve all learned fun tricks, but it’s the affectionate steadiness he has instilled in them for which we are most grateful.”
— Michael Tilson Thomas, artistic director of the New World Symphony, music director laureate of the San Francisco Symphony, and conductor laureate of the London Symphony Orchestra
“With decades of hands-on experience, Mike Wombacher is extremely talented. In this book, he brings this talent to bear on simplifying an often-confusing process. His methods and tools are broken down into bite-size lessons, and the included training plan makes them easy to digest. Mike understands that neither every dog nor every owner learns the same way. That’s why he has provided multiple approaches to dealing with various training issues. This makes Integrated Dog Training both an essential guide for new dog owners and a must-have reference for professional trainers. Using these methods, anyone can learn to teach their dog impulse control and to look to them for guidance and authority. No other book out there more thoroughly captures the essence of communicating with your dog while training her to be a lifelong companion.”
— Lauren Goldboss, founder and president of Who Let the Dogs Out, San Francisco
“Michael Wombacher has successfully trained many of my clients’ dogs with a variety of behavioral problems, applying his well-rounded knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. I have referred many clients to him over the years, and it has been a joy to hear about how much their dogs changed after a few training sessions. I have always admired him for his constant exploration of canine behavior and for integrating new techniques for evidence-based canine behavior modification. I loved reading through Integrated Dog Training and feel that every dog owner who wants a well-trained dog should read this book.”
— Shruti Vaikhary, DVM, Camino Alto Veterinary Hospital, Mill Valley, CA
“I have known Michael Wombacher professionally for over two decades, going back to my days as a trainer and colleague of his in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mike always enjoyed a great reputation, and I would often seek his feedback on cases or the industry in general. I have never hesitated in referring clients to him, as I always had the utmost confidence that they would be learning from one of the best in the business. Mike’s newest effort, Integrated Dog Training , is a great visual guide to training your dog, with easy-to-follow photo examples. I am looking forward to having our trainers recommend it as a supplement to our training program to our over 1,500 private training clients each year.”
— John Van Olden, dog trainer and founder and president of Canine Trade Group
“Mike Wombacher’s latest work offers the reader so much more than the typical ‘how to teach your dog to sit, stay, and come’ training book we usually expect. In this text, Mike offers us not only a cultural explanation of how we arrived at the current popular style of dog training but also a strong argument as to why this approach might be entirely wrong. He also outlines the social structure of the canine world and how recognizing the rules of this system allows dog owners to more effectively communicate and interact with their pets. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this book is all theory. It is filled with clear directions and photographs to help both the first-time pet owner and the seasoned veteran to get their dog trained quickly and thoughtfully. As a business owner in the pet industry, I found Mike’s approach of explaining not only the ‘how’ but also the ‘why’ especially helpful. This book will be required reading for all our employees and recommended to all our clients.”
— Julien Pearl, founder and owner of AlphaDog Lodging in Mill Valley, CA
“Mike Wombacher’s Integrated Dog Training is a sourcebook for people who love and respect their dog’s essential nature and want tools beyond the dogmatic ideologies that are currently so pervasive. It offers a well-thought-out, easy-to-understand method for helping your dog live its best life.”
— Sanford Johnson, founder and host of the Talking the Dog podcast
“Integrated Dog Training is a ‘must’ for dog trainers who would adopt a more positive approach to training exercises and getting the results they need.”
— Midwest Book Review
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