My Animal, My SelfBy: Marta Williams


A Breakthrough Way to Understand How You and Your Animal Reflect Each Other

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“Rarely in life are we given a new way of seeing and understanding, but that is the signature gift of this beautiful book.”
— Rick Davis , director and producer of That’s My Baby for Animal Planet
“A must-read for everyone who has animals in their lives.”
— Carol Gurney , founder of the Gurney Institute of Animal Communication and author of The Language of Animals
“The valuable exercises included here give us the opportunity to improve our lives with a deeper and broader understanding of who we are, how we are operating, and how we can make changes for the benefit of ourselves and our animals, based on the truth and reality of our connections with them.”
— Tina Hutton , creator of Alternative Methods in Horsemanship and Finding Your Rider Within, and TTEAM/TTouch Practitioner, Level 3
“My Animal, My Self is essential for those of us who want to understand the profound relationship between our animals and ourselves. This is a groundbreaking, enlightening book.”
— Margot Lasher , author of And the Animals Will Teach You
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