The Hero’s JourneyBy: Joseph Campbell

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Joseph Campbell on His Life and Work
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“A fascinating series of dialogues with Joseph Campbell, revealing at every turn fresh aspects of his genius, wisdom, and understanding. I hope this much-needed book will be widely read and pondered.”
— Richard Adams , author of Watership Down
“We don’t have enough personal history regarding Joseph Campbell, so [this] book fills a real need.”
— Michael Murphy , cofounder of the Esalen Institute
“Blissful! Illuminating! The voice of the master storyteller himself...An outstanding introduction to the great teacher and personalizer of our myths and muses.”
— Noel Riley Fitch , author of Sylvia Beach and the Lost Generation
“These stories reveal how [Campbell’s] sense of the oneness of mythology began and grew over the course of his long and event-filled life journey. As we read them, we experience the warm human presence of a man who spent his life learning from others as well as teaching. Recommended.”
— Library Journal
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