The Instant MillionaireBy: Mark Fisher


A Tale of Wisdom and Wealth

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“What a valuable book! The Instant Millionaire is deceptively simple. Yes, it points out essential strategies, familiar to so many: boldness, clarity of vision, and tapping the limitless power of our thoughts. But there is also a wealth of tactical detail, canny observation, and subtle perspective in these pages. It's worth reading a second time, and a third — carefully, and with a blank notebook at hand. There is serious gold in these words.”
— John David Mann , coauthor of the national bestseller The Go-Giver
“A delightful book to read and reread, The Instant Millionaire percolates with insight on reaching your true potential.”
— Wess Roberts , author of Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun
“Astounding...a simple, compelling book that raises a series of powerful questions.”
— Success magazine
“Loaded with very specific advice that opens the doors to both financial success and personal well-being.”
— Stepping Up magazine
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