The Language Your Body SpeaksBy: Ellen Meredith


Self-Healing with Energy Medicine

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— Donna Eden
“For those willing to stay open to and curious about the art and mystery of healing, especially those whom evidence-based medicine has failed to help, this book is just what the doctor ordered.”
— Lissa Rankin, MD, New York Times bestselling author of Mind Over Medicine
“This warm, rich, informative, and generous book is essential reading both for practitioners and for those who would like to unlock the healing power of energy in their lives.”
— Dawson Church, bestselling author of The Genie in Your Genes
“. . . breathes life into the connection between mind, body, and spirit . . . This book will teach you to dance with life and find your way home to your fully realized, vibrant self.”
— the Sunday Independent
“A treasure! . . . I know the amazing value these techniques provide, personally and for my students and clients.”
— Devi Stern, MS, EEMAP, author of Energy Healing with the Kabbalah
“A guide to hearing, understanding, and dancing with the vital forces that animate your body.”
— David Feinstein, PhD, coauthor of The Energies of Love
“This book will coach you to look at illness and wellness in a new way so your life can be a journey full of health and joy!”
— Dondi Dahlin, bestselling author of The Five Elements
“This book is destined to be on the top of your reference stack. Again and again you’ll reach for it when you’re curious about what your body is telling you or when you want more insight. The wisdom here is incredible and the exercises are just right for discovering your own personal language that your body is speaking. Ellen Meredith gives you the very tools you need to unlock this language that is waiting patiently for your arrival for your own personal miracles.”
— Lauren Walker, creator and author of The Energy Medicine Yoga Prescription
“Brilliant! Ellen Meredith guides the reader through The Language Your Body Speaks on an experiential journey of self-discovery and healing. Ellen weaves an energetic tapestry that awakens you into a deeper experience of the soul. It’s powerful both for beginners and for energy medicine practitioners, who can learn to listen to their innate wisdom and dialogue using the ‘language the body speaks.’ ”
— Dr. Melanie Smith, DOM, AP, EEM-AP of Well Within Natural Medicine, Inc., and author of the Energy Mastery for Healthy Living online series
“Ellen Meredith never disappoints, and this book is an absolute must-have for anyone who takes their energy medicine seriously, who wants to learn the language of their body’s energies to truly empower their self-care. Drawing from ancient wisdom and her own experience, she effortlessly weaves and creates protocols that get results and that are enjoyable to do, which means you will do them! Don’t hesitate to make this part of your library — you won’t regret it.”
— Madison King, writer and teacher
“Since awareness is curative, knowing what the body is saying spontaneously triggers the healing process. In a world bursting with information, The Language Your Body Speaks is a drop of pure wisdom
— Jacob Liberman, OD, PhD, author of Luminous Life
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