The Mindfulness CodeBy: Donald Altman


Keys for Overcoming Stress, Anxiety, Fear, and Unhappiness

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The Mindfulness Code can greatly enhance the ability of anyone to live with a greater sense of direction and self-control.” — Jeffrey M. Schwartz, MD , coauthor of The Mind & The Brain
“This well-written book addresses the root problems in anybody’s life, and Altman’s suggestions will certainly prove beneficial to readers who follow them.”
— Bhante Henepola Gunaratana , author of Mindfulness in Plain English and Eight Mindful Steps to Happiness
"A peace-promoting prescription for anyone frazzled by life’s breakneck speed."
— Publishers Weekly
“An antidote to the stress and hurriedness of modern life. Donald Altman reminds us that kindness, acceptance, and listening — just listening — are as admirable and transformative as any work or monetary achievement.”
— Robert Biswas-Diener , coauthor of Happiness
“An engrossing blend of wisdom, humor, insights, and stories along with illustrative research and many helpful mindfulness exercises… The Mindfulness Code will hand you the keys for unlocking a life of greater ease and happiness.”
— Roshi Jan Chozen Bays, MD , author of Mindful Eating
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