The Story You Need to TellBy: Sandra Marinella


Writing to Heal from Trauma, Illness, or Loss

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“Sandra Marinella has written a wonderful guide for all those struggling to make sense of the story of their lives! It can serve as the perfect prescription for real healing.”
— Susan M. Love, MD , author of Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book
“Sandra Marinella’s The Story You Need to Tell is a collection of illuminating stories that shows us the power of writing to transform our lives.”
— Ellen Bass, poet and bestselling author of The Courage to Heal Beginning to Heal Like a Beggar Mules of Love The Human Line , and Free Your Mind
“Sandra Marinella deserves our recognition for her years of dedicated work with writers, veterans, and cancer patients. Her incredible research, her networking, and her gift for words should carry this book into the pantheon of great books on writing.”
Christina Baldwin, author Storycatcher and Life’s Companion
“Sandra Marinella brings keen research skills, a brilliant storytelling voice, and a distinguished teaching career to this cohesive guide for writing the unspeakable. Her vivid prose twines her own powerful cancer story with dozens of other courageous voices, each writing the road from devastation to reclamation.”
Kathleen Adams, LPC , director of the Center for Journal Therapy
“Sandra Marinella uses her own story as the inspiration for others who face insurmountable odds to rise up to their challenges, assess them, and conquer them. Thoughtfully written, deeply encouraging, and profoundly personal.”
— Laurie Notaro, New York Times –bestselling author of The Idiot Girls’ Action-Adventure Club and Autobiography of a Fat Bride
“One does not have to be a writer to gain insight from this book . . . especially relevant for those who are inclined toward journaling and putting their feelings on the page.”
— Library Journal
“Sandra Marinella’s passion and enthusiasm for writing shine throughout this poignant and insightful book. With the skills and experience of a seasoned writing teacher, she shares with us the tools to tell the stories we need to tell and reminds us of the healing power of writing.”
— Michael Ferguson, postdoctoral fellow, cognitive neuroscience, Cornell University
“Both Sandra Marinella’s writing and her workshops are filled with inspiration and love. Her words truly touch her audience.”
— Dale Yavitt, RRT, MPH , the Body, Mind, and Spirit Program Coordinator, Piper Cancer Center, Scottsdale, Arizona
“In The Story You Need to Tell , Sandra Marinella inspires the vulnerable in all of us to be the strength in each of us. She has a unique form, transforming a sentiment of safety and empowerment through writing into healing. Her own story highlights the power of the written word and provides a guide to healing through writing. Her book and her work are transformational.”
— Courtney Klein, cofounder and CEO of SEED SPOT
“Marinella’s practical direction and inspiring narrative invite readers to become writers. ‘Our stories create us,’ she writes. ‘And our writing can recreate us.’ The Story You Need to Tell is an important and beautiful book that I cannot wait to share with my students and others whose stories are aching to be told.”
— Judy Reeves, author of A Writer’s Book of Days and Wild Women Wild Voices
“In The Story You Need to Tell , Sandra Marinella does just that — recounting her own personal and professional experiences with skill, wit, and bravery. She reaches out and tells the stories of others, too, weaving a strong safety net for any of us who need a nudge toward paper and pen. This book is a testament to the author’s courage, strength, and heart and a love letter to the power of words.”
— Amy Silverman, author of My Heart Can’t Even Believe It: A Story of Science, Love, and Down Syndrome
“Using her work with cancer patients and veterans, as well as her own experience, Sandra Marinella guides you through the dark and lonely times of illness, trauma, and loss to the healing power of writing. With writing prompts designed to lead you deeper into self-reflection, she shows how you can discover your own strength through writing the story you need to tell. And — most important of all — she offers the empowering realization that you can choose how you tell the story and what it means.”
— Barbara Abercrombie, author of A Year of Writing Dangerously Courage & Craft
The Story You Need to Tell inspires, uplifts, and teaches people who need to address the power of their memories and their stories how to stand in their truth and how to find words to express what is often inexpressible. Words heal, and Sandra Marinella will help you find yours.”
— Linda Joy Myers, president of the National Association of Memoir Writers and author of The Power of Memoir and Don’t Call Me Mother
“Sandra Marinella has empowered us to take charge of our life story and to turn challenges into meaning and purpose. Telling our stories not only helps us heal from trauma but allows us to craft a beautiful life out of the ashes.”
— Dr. Norma Bowe, professor at Kean University, author of Perspectives on Community Mental Health , and subject of The Death Class: A True Story about Life
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