The Three Only ThingsBy: Robert Moss


Tapping the Power of Dreams, Coincidence, and Imagination

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“Readers will be pleased and inspired by Moss’s reinterpretation of the world.”
— Library Journal
“What Robert Moss does — again and again and with such clarity and greatness of heart — is remind us that magic is a breath away and that everyone has the capacity to tap into the heritage that is truly ours.”
— Manda Scott, bestselling author of the Boudica novels
“The pioneer of a dream-interpreting technique called Active Dreaming, Australian-born Moss believes that the Three Only Things can connect with extraordinary sources of direction, healing, and energy. Writing about dreams, Moss is eloquent and authoritative, a wise teacher.”
— Publishers Weekly
“Robert Moss, a great storyteller and master of the practical, shows us how to reclaim a wider dimension of life. In our demanding, challenging world, we ignore this book’s vital message at our peril.”
— Barbara Montgomery Dossey, author of Holistic Nursing
“A brilliant interweaving of life truths into a unified trinity . . . Intensely engaging, a source of clarity on the deeper truth that guides us all, and truly inspiring — a must-read.”
— Robert J. Hoss, former corporate vice president of IBM and author of Dream Language
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