The Way of ConflictBy: Deidre Combs


Elemental Wisdom for Resolving Disputes and Transcending Differences

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“The Way of Conflict is an immensely liberating, accessible, and practical book. By synthesizing ancient wisdom traditions with useful concepts and tools from her own extensive experience as a mediator, Dr. Combs transforms that much-dreaded aspect of human dynamics — conflict — into a powerful source of personal growth. She equips her readers with the knowledge and understanding necessary to become more creative and constructive in dealing with the inevitable everyday problems of interpersonal and organizational relations.”
— Bill George , author of Authentic Leadership and former chairman and CEO of Medtronic
“Deidre Combs’s The Way of Conflict is a deeply healing and important guide to navigating the often rough waters of conflict with mindfulness, openness, grace, and above all, hope. By offering readers the perspective that conflict can be a creative opportunity — and including tools for exploring those opportunities — Combs has given us a resource that is not only immediately practical but also profoundly inspiring.”
— Maggie Oman Shannon , author of The Way We Pray and One God, Shared Hope
“An invigorating and thoughtful book that manages to capture and foster one’s spiritual growth as it works on giving practical solutions to conflicts. I just found my new guide as I work in wars and witness the worst and most beautiful aspects of humanity.”
— Zainab Salbi , founder of Women for Women, an international relief organization for women in war-torn countries
“The Way of Conflict is everything you need—tools, models, resources, and concepts—for being best prepared as a creative catalyst and agent in the face of conflict. . . . A much-needed resource for our time.”
— Angeles Arrien , author of The Four Fold Way and The Nine Muses
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