Truth in DatingBy: Susan Campbell


Campbell shows people how to have fun by flirting truthfully; date without getting ahead of the relationship; enjoy the freedom of being themselves; relate to their dates with honesty; realistically examine what a romantic partner can — and can’t — offer in the way of fulfillment and happiness; and move forward when the time is right, or say goodbye if it’s not working. On the way to finding the love of their lives, readers gain the tools they need to successfully manage the entire process.

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“Inspiring, practical and a pleasure to read. Susan Campbell repeatedly shows us that our willingness to be open and transparent with others opens the way to heartfelt, loving relationships—whether we are single or with a primary partner.”
— Charlotte Sophia Kasl, PhD , author of If the Buddha Dated and Women, Sex, and Addiction
“Truth in Dating is just plain sane guidance for singles who understand that to find lasting love, they’re going to have to practice a sometimes uncomfortable realness in that strange dimension we call ‘dating.’ Bravo to Susan Campbell, especially for first walking the talk by testing her recommendations in her own life. And her ‘Ten Common Myths about Sex and Intimacy’ ought to be reprinted on its own and distributed to every sexually active person alive!”
— Saniel Bonder , author of The Tantra of Trust and Great Relief
“Dating itself—or the prospect of dating—can tumble anyone into a well of unconsciousness and fear. But take heart! Susan Campbell’s new book, Truth in Dating , skillfully offers a step-by-step guide through the perils and pitfalls of the dating process. You’re sure to rediscover the thrill of getting to know someone new while expanding your capacity to love and be loved.”
— Jett Psaris, PhD , and Marlena S. Lyons, PhD , coauthors of Undefended Love
“Encyclopedic in scope, packed with wisdom, and generously sprinkled with real-people examples . . . For anyone navigating the dating maze, this is a gem of a book.”
— Marcella Bakur Weiner, PhD , coauthor of The Love Compatibility Book
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