Voices in the StonesBy: Kent Nerburn


Life Lessons from the Native Way

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“Kent Nerburn speaks reverently of the bridge between our Judeo-Christian tradition and the spiritual gifts of the Native Americans. There is much healing to be had in our lives and for the land by crossing this bridge.”
— Richard Rohr, bestselling author of Falling Upwards and The Divine Dance
“Kent Nerburn reminds us that in the timeless Native American ways of seeing and being, the truth of life is not found in knowledge but in something closer to prayer. Even today, amidst coffee shops, graveyards, old cars, and cafeterias, the wisdom keepers Nerburn follows in his sensitively told narratives still follow the voices of stones, streams, and dreams, listening to the wind with open ears and open hearts, not knowing where it will lead, or what they will learn.”
— Evan Pritchard, director of the Center for Algonquin Culture and author of No Word for Time and Bird Medicine
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