Arjuna Ardagh

Arjuna Ardagh was educated in England, and earned a Master's degree in literature from Cambridge University. From a very early age, he has had a passionate interest in spiritual awakening, and he began to practice meditation and yoga at the age of 14. In his late teens he trained as a meditation teacher and, after graduating from Cambridge, studied with a number of prominent spiritual teachers in India, Nepal, and Thailand as well as in Europe, and the U.S. He has developed the Living Essence Training, which prepares people to be facilitators of this shift in consciousness with others and cultivates "translucence." He and his staff have trained more than 450 practitioners in the U.S. and Europe. He teaches seminars throughout the U.S. and Europe, speaks at many international conferences, and has appeared on TV, radio, and in print media. He lives with his wife and two sons in Nevada City, California. His websites are: and
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