Audrey Mairi

Audrey Mairi is a Reiki Master and a Trager practitioner/tutor/teacher, with a thriving practice in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. She regularly holds workshops for students and therapists dealing with the connection between the body and mind. In addition, she has given numerous presentations to professional organizations. In 1969, she began the study of Transcendental Meditation (in Canada, and later in Vittel, France) becoming an Associate Teacher in 1976. Her interest in the mind/body connection led her to certification as a Trager Psychophysical Integration practitioner in 1985. In 1993 she earned the Trager International's Tutor level. Later she did two terms as Canada's representative on the Trager Tutor Committee, while also sitting on the Board of Directors of Trager International, helping to create their present structure.
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