Megan Don

Megan Don was born in New Zealand, where she spent the first seventeen years of her life. She then left home and spent several years traveling to pursue her interests in spirituality and mysticism. When she was twenty-six she moved to Australia she became deeply involved with the monastic Carmelite Order and began studying comparative religions and psychoanalytical studies at La Trobe University in Melbourne. In 2001, she made her first visit to Avila, Spain, to conduct research on St. Teresa for this book. Megan is currently a spiritual counselor and teacher of “The Pathway of the Mystic.” She leads pilgrimages to Avila, Spain and other sacred sites in Europe. Megan devotes herself to awakening the mystic within humanity and teaches an embodied spirituality that honors all traditions. Megan divides her time between the United States and Europe. Visit her website at
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