Being BetterBy: Kai Whiting, Leonidas Konstantakos


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  • Presents Stoicism as a holistic philosophy that goes beyond life hacks
  • Moves away from the “dead white men” focus of traditional classics scholarship by demonstrating that Stoicism has always been relevant to women and people of color
  • Stoicism has recently been featured in publications such as the Guardian, the Nation, and the New York Times
  • The authors have published articles on popular blogs such as The Daily Stoic (100,000 subscribers), The Partially Examined Life (19,000+ Twitter followers), and Donna Zuckerberg’s Eidolon


Being Better shows why Stoicism is the go-to philosophy for our time. Kai Whiting and Leo Konstantakos give a splendid account of the ancient Stoic teachers and their relevance to such issues as communal living and sustainability. Their book stands out for its sincerity and its exploration of what it means to cultivate Stoic virtues here and now.”
— Anthony Long , Professor Emeritus of Classics and Literature at the University of California, Berkeley, and author of Epictetus: How to Be Free — An Ancient Guide to the Stoic Life
“The timeless lessons of Stoicism are more relevant than ever. In a time of disorder, Being Better is just what we need to bring them to light.”
— Chris Guillebeau , author of The Money Tree and The $100 Startup
“Do you want to live a life worth living? Try Stoicism. Do you want to try Stoicism? Read Being Better and let it be your guide.”
— Massimo Pigliucci , author of A Field Guide to a Happy Life
“Being Better is the best expression of the heart of Stoic philosophy that I have found in print.”
— Matthew Van Natta, author of The Beginner’s Guide to Stoicism
“Kai and Leonidas vividly present the power and promise of the Stoic way of life and its profound relevance to the issues we face today. They gather a chorus of timeless insights and questions — from Zeno, Cleanthes, Musonius, and others — that challenge us to discover well-being, not only for ourselves but for those around us, too. Highly recommended!”
— Stephen Hanselman , New York Times bestselling coauthor of Lives of the Stoics, The Daily Stoic, and The Daily Stoic Journal
“An engaging and lively introduction to Stoicism as guidance for living. Being Better makes excellent use of ancient and modern figures to exemplify important features of Stoic practice. The book is also effective in highlighting the Stoic basis for social and political action and environmental responsibility, as well as for emotional resilience.”
— Christopher Gill , University of Exeter
“Being Better is a practical introduction to Stoicism that mixes modern scholarship with ancient sources in a rigorous yet accessible way. The book deftly threads the needle of Stoic theory and practice. The authors engage the reader through thoughtful questions while painting vivid pictures of Stoic lives, both ancient and modern.”
— Gregory Lopez , founder of New York City Stoics, cofounder of the Stoic Fellowship, and coauthor of A Handbook for New Stoics
“Kai and Leo’s deep understanding of Stoic wisdom, combined with their determination to create a harmonious world, led to this beautiful book. Being Better will push the odds in your favor.”
— Jonas Salzgeber , author of The Little Book of Stoicism
“Stoic philosophy is undergoing a modern revival because it teaches us how to live calm and tranquil lives in an often crazy world beyond our control. While covering the basics of Stoicism, Being Better is a beautifully written book that also focuses on another crucial dimension of Stoic philosophy: how we as individuals can contribute to the world as a whole. Today, this includes improving society, as it did for Stoics in the past. But it also includes maintaining the health of our living planet, on which all life depends.”
— David Fideler , editor of Stoic Insights
“Being Better takes us on the journey of Stoicism and personal transformation traveled by Zeno of Citium thousands of years ago, but it does so in a way that will seem very relevant and timely to readers facing modern-day problems.”
— Donald Robertson , author of How to Think Like a Roman Emperor: The Stoic Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius
“Being Better is an innovative way of teaching ancient Stoic principles to a new generation. I believe now, more than ever, these principles can help transform a culture of compliance-based students into one of problem-solving citizens.”
— Don Wettrick , founder and CEO of the STARTedUP Foundation
“Being Better is a gentle and clear introduction to living a Stoic life. It is like no other introductory book on Stoicism: it does not promise you the moon, it does not preach, and it does not even tempt you with the ‘best’ life — only a better one. If you want to live like a Stoic in the modern world without having to ‘update’ Stoicism, Being Better is for you. In this short book, the authors bring to life ancient Stoic principles with modern examples. Their examples include many non-Stoic practitioners of Stoic principles, such as Pat Tillman, Rosa Parks, Alex Zanardi, and Nick Hanauer. It is surprising that the authors could cover so much ground in so few pages and yet be so clear. I think it is one of the best introductions to modern Stoicism.”
— Dr. Chuck Chakrapani , editor of The Stoic magazine, Distinguished Visiting Professor at Ryerson University, and author of Unshakable Freedom
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