Enough As You AreBy: Scott Stabile


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“I adore and admire everything Scott creates.”
— Elizabeth Gilbert, bestselling author of Eat, Pray, Love
“Scott Stabile is one of the wisest humans I know. He brims with wisdom earned from his experience in practicing being enough as he is. He’s who I call when I have forgotten who I am or why I’m here or what the point of any of life is — and that’s what Enough as You Are is. It is Scott in your pocket reminding you of the exact things that you have forgotten, that you need to remember, especially right now when the whole world seems to have forgotten. This book is a treasure, a manual, a daily prayer.”
— Holly Whitaker, New York Times bestselling author of Quit Like a Woman
“Build yourself a temple of these pages and go there as often as you can. Book a spa day there. Do it until your belief in each message is as rooted and immutable as an oak tree, and you will have done yourself the greatest kindness. And in so doing, you’ll have done a great kindness for all the world.”
— Lisa McCourt, author of Free Your Joy and founder of Joy School
“Do you need to remember that you — not some phantom better version of you, but the exact you reading these words — are enough? This book will help with that. And in the process, you will feel more capable of creating the life you’ve always longed for. Not just more capable, though . . . let this book fall on your awareness like gentle rain, bringing a powerful truth into focus: you are worthy, you are enough, you are loved.”
— Jacob Nordby, author of The Creative Cure: How Finding and Freeing Your Inner Artist Can Heal Your Life
“Enough as You Are is not just a book — it is the GPS for our hearts and our souls and, yes, our collective humanity. I found myself sobbing when I read, ‘It’s just that empathy invites a connection that sympathy simply can’t.’ Every single human being needs to read this book. No exceptions. This book, this exquisite gem, will pry open even the most stubborn heart. It was an honor to be invited to read this, a true honor.”
— Amy Ferris, author of Mighty Gorgeous: A Little Book about Messy Love
“In his gorgeous new book, Enough as You Are , Scott Stabile so beautifully mirrors to us our innate worth and value because we simply exist. Reading his words feels like a deep remembering of that truth.”
— Ruthie Lindsey, author of There I Am: The Journey from Hopelessness to Healing
“Enough as You Are is full of profoundly caring messages from Scott Stabile. He is one of the most compassionate voices in a world that is sorely in need of it. His encouraging, often thought-provoking reflections will help move you from doubt to acceptance, fear to love, grief to peace, and chaos to calm. You’ll be glad you picked up this book.”
— Nanea Hoffman, founder of Sweatpants & Coffee
“Scott Stabile has a way of seeing the world that offers tangible hope to the most discouraged. Hope that you can grow from. Hope that can open up your heart and get you believing again. Scott graciously shares a lot of himself across his social media platforms. But he saves the best of his wisdom for his books. A must for anyone looking for words that feel like a luscious blanket and make them feel seen and safe within.”
— S.  C. Lourie, author of The Power of Mess
“A beautifully wise, uplifting, and magical book — the perfect antidote to the disconnection and stressors of daily life. Open to any page and be transformed by the concise, insightful, and powerful message you will find there. Enough as You Are will open hearts and minds and invites us back to love of self and love of life.”
— Lee Harris, author, musician and channeler
“Scott Stabile has done it again. Enough as You Are is a masterpiece of self-acceptance, a manual for falling in love with the depth of your spirit, your resilience and potential, every part of your glorious humanity. I reach for this book anytime I need a moment of reflection, perspective, empowerment, hope, and, most beautiful of all, genuine and life-affirming love.”
— Becky Vollmer, author of You Are Not Stuck
“Enough as You Are is a true testament to the power of self-love. A must-read for anyone seeking to reconnect with their true essence! Scott Stabile’s profound insights will inspire you to be unapologetically yourself and embrace change with courage.”
— David Gandelman, author of The 7 Energies of the Soul
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